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MKSAA Holds "Birthday Bash" Promotional Sale in Honor of Founder Mark Ottley

Mid Kansas Auto Auction hosted its first-ever annual Birthday Bash Promotional sale in recognition of owner Mark Ottley’s birthday on May 19th. Amid the hectic economy in 2021, they were able to have a five-lane sale with 500 cars running through the lanes with the average price per car being $15,234.60 and a great sales percentage. There’s no need to tell you how impeccable that is in today’s market.

However, the real fun was behind the scenes. From breakfast donuts, great weather for lunch outside beside the food truck to all of the staff surprising Mark when he showed up to the sale that morning by dressing up as him. Everywhere you looked that sale day you (literally) saw Mark throughout the generations. Staff were provided five different pictures of the owner from the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s to model their get-up for the day and then the dealers were asked to vote on who most accurately imitated him. We had four winners and lots and lots of laughs all day. We look forward to what we can come up with to beat this next year!


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