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Mid Kansas Auto Auction friendly staff in Wichita, Kansas

Our Team

As a family-owned and operated business, it's important to us that our dealers and our team members get to know who we are and understand how integral they are to our success. Learn more about our team members below. 

Meet the Team

How can we best serve you?

Our goal is to best serve you, and make your life as easy as possible. Not sure you who need to talk to? Find out more about our professional auction team by clicking below!

Leadership Team

Sales Team

Other Friendly Faces

When We Say Family Business, We Mean ALL of the Family!


Employee of the Month Award Winners

Thank You for All You Do!

Our team works so hard, and each month we try to recognize at least one person who has gone above and beyond to serve our dealers or their colleagues.


March 2024 - Patti Kane

February 2024 - Kyle Smith

January 2024 - Jennifer Jones

December 2023 - Steven Akers

November 2023 - Lisa Bahruth

October 2023 - Cheryl Sicard

September 2023 - Danny Bashear

August 2023 - Omar Garcia

July 2023 - Dario Gloria

June 2023 - David White

May 2023 - Eloy Ortega

April 2023 - Mickey Joynt

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