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David White: A Legacy in the Car Auction Industry

After over 20 years of hard work and dedicated service, David White is retiring from Mid Kansas Auto Auction, marking the end of an era. Known for his commitment, loyalty, and top-notch customer service, David has left an indelible mark on the community and the industry at large.

David began his career in the car auction industry in 1995. With a passion for customer relations and a genuine love for his job, he quickly gained traction in his field and established a reputation of consistency and excellence. These qualities continued to set David apart among his peers. They also helped him embrace and navigate necessary changes with technological advancements, such as online sales and an expanded nationwide customer base.

Throughout his tenure, David has taken great pride in the strong relationships he has built with his customers and offers this advice to those starting a career in the car auction industry, “Develop relationships with each individual customer. Gain their trust and service their needs in whatever manner they require to be most effective. Take time to learn market trends, seasonal activity, and other trends that fluctuate from season to season.”

Marketing and Human Resources Manager, Nicole Ottley reflected on David's impact during his career, “Dave is the definition of commitment and a staple in the auction community. Not just at Mid Kansas Auto Auction but in the industry as a whole. Not only has he driven three hours round trip to work every day for 4+ years, but he shows up for his customers, in a button-down shirt and with a good attitude every dang day. He has persevered through countless leaders, teams, remodels, trials, and errors and has always kept the dealers and the organization top of mind. He is the epitome of a team player and while it will be a divot to our team not having him here in person, we will work tirelessly to meet the standards that he has set.

David expressed mixed feelings about stepping into retirement, “You know, I’m torn. I’m excited because I have been planning on retiring for some time, and am looking forward to longer visits with my kids, fishing, and time at the lake as well as less time on the road not having a three-hour commute every day. However, I will miss the personal relationships that I’ve developed over the past 20 years; relationships with employees and the sales team. You get to know everything about their lives.”

“Dave’s retirement marks the conclusion of a remarkable chapter in the history of Mid Kansas Auto Auction and the car auction industry," says Trevor Ottley, General Manager and Co-Owner of Mid Kansas Auto Auction. "His legacy of excellence, dedication, and quality service has inspired me and will continue to motivate all who have worked with him. We wish him all the best in his well-deserved retirement."


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