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Turn on the White Light! Important Announcement for Dealers

Important Announcement for Our Dealers

We're Thrilled to Offer a White Light at MKSAA!

New AAG Program Guidelines to Take Effect August 23, 2023

NEW changes to the AAG program as of next week now make it easier than ever to clearly communicate the condition of your vehicle, even if Green Light or Red Light aren't the right fit. We are bringing back the White Light at Mid Kansas Auto Auction! You can provide buyers with confidence that the most important aspects of the unit you're selling are in working condition with our newly revamped AAG program. As the seller, you can now run your vehicle with a white light, which provides the buyer with a guarantee that the functioning parts of the vehicle are in working order:

Running your vehicle with a white light means that your unit will have a "Seller Powertrain Guarantee" sticker on the windshield as it runs through the lane, clearly communicating to bidders that this vehicle is mechanically sound, even if it has high mileage or other characteristics that might not make it green light eligible. AAG program vehicles are post-sale inspection eligible, and are arbitratable until 4 p.m. on sale day.

This new light system will roll out next week on August 23rd, and we invite you to call your Sales Rep about how you can utilize this program to bring top dollar for every unit. Cost for running a unit with a White Light is $55.


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