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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Something New Every Month

At MKSAA, we are never sitting still! Every Wednesday, we host a sale at our auction in Wichita, Kansas. Free donuts, fruit, and coffee are served all morning, In-Ops run at 9:00 AM (CST), and the sale begins at 9:30 AM (CST). We always have at least one local food truck on-site, unless we have free food as part of our big promotional sales. Typically, we have some type of progressive game (shuffleboard, football toss, etc.) that gives dealers a chance to win cash prizes.


Once a month, we go all out on a big promotional sale with a special theme and extra food and prizes. Our promotional sales are a time for us to appreciate and celebrate with our dealers! See more about our upcoming promotional sales in the list below.

Upcoming Promotional Sales

You Won't Want to Miss These!
  • Swine-O-Mite Hog Roast Sale
    Wed, Apr 19
    What's better than a hog roast? Come enjoy some delicious, slow smoked pulled pork and kick back with us at one of our dealers' favorite sales!
  • Birthday Bash Sale
    Wed, May 17
    Each year the Birthday Bash Sale is put on in celebration of the birthday of our Founder and Co-Owner, Mark Ottley!
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