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Mid Kansas Auto Auction Hosts First Big Annual Event

Wichita, KS – Mid Kansas Auto Auction (MKSAA) hosted their second largest event of the year next to their anniversary sale at their facility on July 20th and 21st. A promotional event that offered nearly 900 vehicles and over 50% sold. The average selling price was approximately $15,000 per unit. Record numbers of online and in-lane buyers; consigned and sold cars and online bids and purchases came through on the 21st.

The event was five hours of delicious food trucks, drinks, live entertainment, familiar dealer faces and perfect July Kansas weather. Mark Ottley, Co-Owner/President of Mid Kansas Auto Auction commented, “For being the first year of this event it was a huge success. Everyone had a good time that night and were prepared to hit the ground running the next morning at our biggest sale yet!”

“Again, our staff exceeded the goal and crushed expectations” commented Trevor Ottley Co-owner/General Manager. “Those critical relationships we have been working so hard to establish are beginning to come together and we couldn’t be more proud of what we have to show here at MKSAA.”

Mid Kansas Auto Auction is a part of the AMS Auction Network and operates on 20 acres of land offering the ability to run 5 simultaneous lanes, full reconditioning and mechanical facilities, in-house transportation, AutoIMS, and full integrated on-line capabilities. Please visit their website for more information,


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