Fleet Remarketing

Do you need fleet remarketing services to resell your vehicles? We’ve got you covered! We can arrange for your vehicles to be transported to our facility and then reconditioned, detailed, and sold through our auction. Every vehicle that we sell is detailed on location. When we receive the vehicle, our staff processes the vehicle, conducts a condition report, communicates any damage and coordinates with your team to determine whether the vehicle should be reconditioned. We only recommend reconditioning if the resale price justifies it. Our goal is to help you get the highest return on your vehicles, and liquidate your fleet as quickly as possible to free up capital. This includes preferential treatment, special promotions, and white glove service to attract buyers to purchase your vehicles.


We offer reconditioning services to our affiliates and customers who may be able to increase their return as a result. The entire vehicle is thoroughly inspected, inside and out, to document any flaws that exist. Our highly experienced staff will help you identify whether or not reconditioning is necessary. If justified, our team will repair your vehicle to like new condition to help you get the highest resale value. We do not recommend reconditioning your vehicle if the resale value does not justify it.

Auto Detailing

Our detailers are some of the best in the business at cleaning up your vehicle to prepare it for sale. We go to great lengths to ensure that it looks as good as it possibly can to make the vehicle more appealing to buyers. Sometimes a clean vehicle can make a big difference in the amount of money that the vehicle sells for. Studies have shown that detailing a vehicle prior to sale can impact the purchase price by as much as 5-15 percent!


Many of our affiliates and customers need assistance with transporting their vehicles to our facility. We work with them to arrange for transportation and find best price. We understand that time is money and the more time the vehicle is in transport, the more money that is being missed out on. If you need transportation please email us at transport@mksaa.com or call us at 785-621-2100.

Dealer Floorplans

Do you need a floorplan to finance your vehicles? We offer flexible terms and competitive pricing to meet your business needs. We understand that every dealer is unique and so are their needs, but we offer a solution that is tailored to your business. We are dedicated to your success as a dealership and our knowledgeable staff can help you grow your business. Our team is committed to your excellence and success.

Title Services

Managing titles can be a tricky process, but many of the challenges can be mitigated by implementing processes and procedures to reduce time consuming mistakes. Our team is has an extensive knowledge of vehicle titles and we are dedicated to resolving title issues as quickly as possible. We understand that time is money and title processing can traditionally take time to resolve, but we have got you covered. If you need title services, please feel free to email us at titles@mksaa.com or call us at 785-621-2100.

Car Spotting

Is there a particular car that you or your customers have been looking for? Let us cast our wide dragnet to find the vehicle that you need. We have access to a large volume of vehicles so we can help you locate and purchase that vehicle that has been difficult to find. If you have a request for a vehicle, please feel free to email us at office@mksaa.com or call us at 785-621-2100.

Key Cutting

We are able to cut keys for most types of vehicles at our location. If we are not able to cut or program a new key, then we can help you find someone who can. Let us know if you need our help to cut a new key!


We currently do not handle repossessions.